A place that combines history with the present.

We believe that the energy of people is just as important as the energy of a place. That is why, when we were looking for a new seat for our law firm in 2002, we wanted it to be unique. We were looking for a place „with soul”, combining history with the present. The choice fell on the old, stylish Pecowin in Poznań.

Pecowin is a historic complex of industrial buildings on Mostowa Street in the very centre of Poznań. It was designed by an outstanding architect Stefan Sawicki, who after World War II took part in rebuilding and   splendour to the Old Town in Poznań, destroyed by warfare.

The name “Pecowin” was taken from the name of the Pecowin Food Processing Industry, which due to its dynamic growth was moved to the complex at the beginning of the 1930s. The main factory building was a three-storey building, designed in an economical style. This and other buildings, including the warehouse with its crowned clock, were made of brick. The project was completed in 1928. At the time, the area around the works was industrial, and many other crafts, factories and factories, including Likwowin, were adjacent to Pecowin.

The factory, which was moved to new premises, produced around one million litres of vinegar a year and, from 1932, extended its range to include mustards, pickles, marinades and juices. After several years, the production was expanded to include fruit and vegetable preserves, bouillon cubes and spices. At that time, the factory employed around 150 persons and exported its products to such European countries as Sweden or England, as well as such distant places on the world map as the United States, the Philippines, China or Palestine.

Discovered after many years, the historic complex has now been renovated. While retaining its original beauty and industrial character, it was given a completely new dimension. In an area so strongly connected with the history of the city and entrepreneurship, an amazing place was created, and its name is connected with the address at which it is located – 11 Mostowa Street. This is where we found our place.

The building not only impresses with its revitalised external architecture, but also with its interiors. We chose those located on the side of Grobla Street, where we were particularly impressed by comfortable spaces with characteristic brick arches. In order to maintain this unique atmosphere, we added loft-like glazing, modern furnishings which are in harmony with the character of the building, and the whole is complemented by the soothing greenery of lush vegetation.

Today, the former Pecowin is a place still steeped in a glorious past that has boldly stepped into the future. Just as almost 100 years ago, here still floats the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and ambition to add its own chapter to this wonderful history. For nearly 2 decades, Merski law firm has been passionately writing its own chapter in this extraordinary place.