R. Jacek Merski


I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.
I wanted to become a judge – I graduated in judiciary training but quite quickly decided that I would see myself on the other side of the judicial barricade.

I watched with fascination the rapid socio-political changes in Poland at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. On the one hand, it was a time of uncertainty, with high dynamics of transformations, on the other hand – with genuine enthusiasm I observed how, after years of stagnation, amazing layers of diligence and creativity were released in people. This is when the entrepreneurial environment started to take shape. I wanted to be a part of its development and I decided that I could support business by showing the right legal path, as the law and the related unclear and complicated issues are often completely alien to entrepreneurs.

I realise that for those not familiar with the law, the multitude of regulations and even their language can be a source of unnecessary problems. The ideal situation is when an entrepreneur cooperates with a lawyer whom he can fully trust and entrust with the affairs of his company. An important part of this mission is precisely helping to clarify complex legal norms by bringing them closer to the client in an accessible way and communicating with him or her in a language understandable to a non-lawyer.  

My admiration for the different ways in which people achieve success was foremost developed during my studies, when I combined my studies at the demanding Faculty of Law with a variety of extra-curricular activities: I worked, for example, at a radio station, and I undertook various kinds of work, including manual labour.

The choice of such a group of clients resulted in the establishment of the Firm almost three decades ago. I am known for my commitment to systemic solutions and strictly defined procedures, which are a great help in running both a law firm and a large business.

Therefore, I decided not only to help entrepreneurs with their immediate problems, but also to develop a set of rules that would allow them to avoid mistakes and costly court battles in the future. Although from the point of view of the Law Firm it may seem to be a solution limiting its revenues, until today I believe that in this matter partnership and mutual trust are more important, and the almost trouble-free development of a company which makes use of such solutions is for me a source of personal satisfaction and recognition as well as a conviction that the decision taken years ago on the profile of the Law Firm’s activity was by all means a right one.

I have chosen and continue to choose my associates with great care. Currently, next to an array of excellent and experienced lawyers, young adepts develop their skills at our Law Firm. Work on cases always takes place on the basis of a two-person team – a junior lawyer cooperates with a person of appropriate seniority and competence. Their interaction brings excellent results: they control each other, but also mobilise to work out the best and most beneficial solutions for the clients. I know that I can always count on the loyalty, full commitment, and professionalism of the Firm’s employees. These are the qualities I value most in people and I surround myself with them professionally.

In private, I am passionate about squash and verbal fencing – the play of spoonerism. I can also describe myself as a connoisseur of classical music and an admirer of the outstanding Argentinean pianist Martha Argerich. I am a pet lover, and I especially appreciate the unfailing company of my favourite – a German Shepherd named Bobek. I have two grown-up children.